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Merker Ornamental Iron has been serving the Dayton area for over 70 years!  Being a fourth generation company, we have custom designed interior pieces from various tables of any size to decorative iron pieces for your home.  Founded in 1947 by Fred Merker. Fred taught Iron Works & Metal Forging at the Dayton Art Institute for many years before starting his own business.  Fred was joined by his son Bill in 1951.  It became a father and son business.  Bill was then joined by his son “Billy” after his high school graduation in 1980.  Sadly, Fred Merker passed away in 1976 but not before passing on his skill and knowledge to his son and grandson.    In 2015, Billy's daughter, Elle, joined the company making it a fourth generation company serving the

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Miami Valley.  Each one of our jobs is handcrafted to fit your needs, wants and expectations.   


If you are ready to start your new custom iron project or just starting to plan your new project for the future let us help you.  No matter what stage of your project you are in we are here to help. 


Give us a call today at 937-252-1588 or submit the form on our website.

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